Road Trip

Over the summer my family decided to take a very unplanned road trip up through central Oregon (avoiding the large cities of course) to Washington and back down the Oregon coast. Now the beach isn’t exactly my favorite place, mostly because of my distaste for sun and the heat, so I wasn’t exactly thrilled to go on this trip. I also wanted to stay in contact with my friends which is difficult when you don’t have cell service 80 percent of the time (this is also the reason I am updating this so late). But alas I had no choice in the matter and embarked on three weeks of mosquitoes and little to no cell service. In all honesty the trip wasn’t as bad as I am making it seem, I had fun with my family and got to see a lot of very cool things, so this post will begin the thread of adventures we had on our trip!


Hello and welcome to my blogging site! I will mostly be postingĀ  my experiences about places I see or travel to, however I am also a creative writer so I might post some of that media as well! Thank you for visiting my site!